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New Strategic Roadmap Reforms in Azerbaijan

According to the Azerbaijan State News Agency (, on 24 December 2016, the New Azerbaijan Party organised a conference in connection with the birthday of Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The conference proceeded with a summary of President Aliyev’s recent reforms, including the creation of the Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network (ASAN) in order to reduce corruption in Azerbaijan, to simplify the visa regime to attract foreign investment and improve the tourism industry, and measures to boost all economic sectors besides oil and gas.

As to the planned reforms, on 6 December 2016 Presidential Decree of the Azerbaijan Republic No. 1138 On approval of the Strategic Roadmaps on the national economy and on the main sectors of the economy were introduced (the Decree). The Decree provides a strategic roadmap for the development of sustainable and competitive non-oil and gas sectors in Azerbaijan and marked as the main direction of economic policy of the Republic.

The main goal of the Strategic Roadmap for the period 2016-2020 is to achieve economic diversification by increasing the benefits of heavy industry and mechanical engineering, agriculture and tourism. The Strategic Roadmap defined the following three methods of achieving the set goal:
- Optimisation of existing assets;
- Creation of a competitive sector; and
- Provision of financial support and international cooperation.
The Strategic Roadmap defined the following six priority sectors in the heavy and engineering sector:
1. Mining (except oil and gas);
2. Metallurgy;
3. Production of certain construction materials; 
4. Machine-building industry in the agriculture as well as in the oil and gas sector;
5. Production of electrical equipment; 
6. Development of services in the machine building sector;
7. The Roadmap defined four priority areas in the tourism industry in Azerbaijan;
8. Full utilisation of the tourism potential of Baku;
9. Formation of a more favorable environment for the development of tourism in the country;
10. Development of tourism in Azerbaijan through the implementation of regional tourism initiatives; and
11. Investments in educational programs in the field of tourism and improvement of industry standards and certification systems to increase the satisfaction level of tourists.
The main objectives of the Strategic Roadmap for production and processing of agricultural products are:
- Simplifying access to financial resources;
- Strengthening sustainability of food safety;
- Improving quality of professional education;
- Developing consulting and information services;
- Simplifying access to the global markets for the local manufacturers; 
- Developing the local market infrastructure; and
- Improving business environment in the sphere of agriculture. 
Moreover, the Strategic Roadmap envisages the creation of the Public-Private Investment Fund for the development of production and processing of agricultural products.

The Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Agriculture will prepare proposals for creation of the Public-Private Investment Fund.

As soon as we receive the draft of such proposal we will publish it in our news releases.

For further information on the Strategic Roadmap and the recent reforms in Azerbaijan, please contact Aygun Abbasova at and/or Assel Kulisheva at

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