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The Lawyer says Kazakhstan is becoming a bright spot in the global market for legal services
Michael Wilson, Director, Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd., was interviewed by the Laywer, in the course of an overview of the Kazakhstani legal and investment market by Ruth Green. The author highlights that the country has grown on the back of its abundant natural resources, and now law firms are beginning to pile into a market rich with opportunity.

High Court of Australia issues a further Judgement in favour of MWP against Messrs Nicholls and Slater, and the Temujin entities
Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd. (MWP) is pleased to announce that, following on from the Judgement of the full bench of the High Court of Australia of 1 December 2011, the High Court has now assessed costs in MWPs favour of A$247,291.09c, which MWP is in the process of enforcing.

Richard Morningstar Is the New U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
Richard Morningstar, having worked in the region for almost twenty years, was sworn into his new position at a ceremony on July 20. Twenty days earlier, the U.S. Senate has confirmed his nomination for the post of ambassador to Azerbaijan.

Mr Samir Hadjiyev is no longer associated with Michael Wilson & Partners office in Baku.
Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd. (MWP) announces that it has seconded Anastassiya Marinina, who has been with MWP since early 2008, to Baku in June 2012 to take charge of client relations, as Business Development Officer, working alongside Aygun Abbasova, and the other members of our Team.

Bahamas Court of Appeal issues a further Judgement in favour of MWP against Thomas Ian Sinclair
On 17 July 2012, the Bahamian Court of Appeal allowed MWPs application for an extension of the time for it to proceed with taxation of its costs, as awarded against Thomas Ian Sinclair by the Court of Appeal in its Judgment of 23 April 2008, dismissing Mr Sinclairs claims as artificially manufactured, and on jurisdictional grounds.

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