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High Court of Australia Upheld Landmark Ruling of the Supreme Court of New South Wales: MWP wins Kazakhstan Fraud Case
On Thursday, 1 December 2011, the High Court of Australia issued a landmark judgement reinstating the Judgement of the New South Wales Supreme Court, which awarded Michael Wilson & Partners, Limited (MWP) damages in the amount of over A$13 million, including costs This cancels the temporary victory the defendants had a year ago in the NSW Court of Appeal.

MWP puts together the Hambledon Mining plc acquisition of Akmola Gold LLP: Tellur and Stepok precious metals projects in Kazakhstan
As previously announced, MWP is proud and honoured to have acted for Hambledon Mining PLC (AiM: HMB), where MWP was a founding pre-IPO investor, and with whom MWP has relations dating back to its formation, as to the conception, structuring and documentation of the acquisition of Akmola Gold LLP as the holder of the subsoil-use rights to two wholly owned projects in Central Kazakhstan, known as Tellur and Stepok, together containing around 440,000 ounces of gold resources, along with potentially significant credits from copper, lead and zinc.

Kazakhstan has signed and ratified, with effect from 1 January 2010, a package of treaties with Russia and Belarus relating to the Customs Union.
As part of this package the members of the Customs Union adopted a Treaty concerning Common Measures of Non-Tariff Regulation, dated 25 January 2008, and a Treaty Concerning Licensing Rules in the area of Commodity Foreign Trade, dated 9 June 2009.

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council dismisses Mr Sinclairs Privy Council Appeal on 8 June 2011
MWP is delighted to announce its judicial victory over Mr Thomas Ian Sinclair, personally, in a Bahamian action initiated by Mr Sinclair as to his claim to ownership of the 14.75m shares in Max Petroleum Plc, owned by Eagle Point Investments Limited, which shares MWP believes properly belong to it.

MWP continues to advise the Assaubayev Family on the transactions and settlement with Polyus Gold and KazakhGold
As previously announced, MWP has been advising the Assaubayev Family and their various entities, with whom MWP has relations dating back to 2001, in respect of the disputes and transactions with Polyus Gold, KazakhGold and their affiliates.

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