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Interview by the Lawyer

Michael Wilson, Director, Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd., was interviewed by the Lawyer, in the course of an overview of the Kazakhstani legal and investment market by Ruth Green.

Speaking about the natural goodness the Kazakhstani legal field aspects, Michael Wilson, founder and managing partner of Michael Wilson & Partners, highlights the dependency of Kazakhstan’s economy on natural resources he is also quick to point out the variety of areas in which the country is beginning to make a name for itself.

As to electric dreams, MR Wilson comments that: "We have seen a lot of small to medium-sized M&A transactions by global corporates, often involving a Kazakh subsidiary, quite a lot of work for electronics, computing and consumer goods companies and then due diligence and the acquisition of oil and gas fields, mines and exploration areas - particularly copper, gold, uranium and coal, but also some iron ore, potash and vanadium”.

Mr Wilson has also emphasised that recent moves of major law firms and the related developments have done little to rock the boat in the local legal market. "Clients do not follow brands here, but rather people, teams and real expertise," he affirms.
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