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About Us
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Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd. (MWP) is a professional law firm with a variety of clients including major multinational and national corporations, private businesses, government agencies and individuals. In meeting the diverse goals and expectations of its broad client base, MWP provides creative, timely and practical legal and business solutions in an effective manner.

Because of its commitment to the Region, its experience, its clients and its highly professional staff, MWP is continuing to expand and is the leading law firm in Almaty today.

Whether it is in the oil and gas, mining, energy or any other industry sector, MWP has a track record of successfully assisting investors in the region - from feasibility to funding, ideas to implementation and registration to repatriation of profit.

Contact us to find details of investment opportunities in your preferred sector. Please see what the others say about us. or download our recent company profile for your convenience: