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Our Projects

In an emerging market such as Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan, seeing a project through to the close is often problematic but, of course, of vital importance. The success of a project can often depend on the tenacity, dedication, experience and expertise of those advising the investor.

Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd. (MWP) has many strengths that make it stand out from its competitors. Through its highly skilled and professional lawyers many of which who have studied abroad, MWP is able to provide creative, timely, and practical legal advice and business solutions with single-minded dedication to our client’s needs. MWP is able to provide effective value-add solutions for our clients. By using our superior innovation, our highly skilled team, and our expert knowledge and understanding of the region, we can confidently address the needs of our clients and deliver the required results.

Our offices work as one body, and thus this enables MWP to deal with clients interests across the region: should a client require a potential complex multi-jurisdictional acquisition which requires due diligence throughout the region, we are able to handle such out of one office. This is also often the case where a client would like to register their trademarks throughout the region. This allows the client the ability to only have to instruct one law firm within the region as opposed to having to deal with multiple firms of lawyers. We will also dedicate one of our senior lawyers to deal with the clients needs throughout the region enabling the client to have one point of contact. This allows us to keep our costs competitive and efficiently run our clients transactions.

We also believe our ability to turn-around work efficiently and expeditiously stands us apart from our competitors, as mentioned above since we operate full time in the region and headquartered in the region we can react to our clients needs immediately. Furthermore in contrast to many firms, MWP works with its clients to adopt an appropriate payment plan and is prepared to consider retainers, fixed fees, success-fees, bonuses or premiums, discounted billing arrangements, all of which can be agreed on a case by case basis to suit our client and their needs.

Please contact us for any queries regarding projects in Kazakhstan and the Central Asia and in Azerbaijan and Caucasus in which our team of lawyers and paralegals have taken a lead role.

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