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Winning in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Operating as a fully autonomous international law firm, MWP’s focus is on Kazakhstan (since 1998), Azerbaijan (since 2003) and other countries of the Central Asia and Caucasus, the former Republics of the Soviet Union, including Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. 

Doing business in the former Soviet republics is unlike anywhere else in the world. Even thirty years after independence, they are a combination of the inscrutable east, Soviet-style bureaucracies, and a get-rich-quick mentality at street level. In short, business is carried out very differently from Europe, North America, Australasia and Japan. In order to maximize your chances of success in this region, there are two vital components: experience and cultural understanding. 

As a truly independent international law firm, with no formal links to any international law firms, MWP is well placed to provide the legal services specific to such an emerging region where a cultural understanding and appreciation of the Central Asian and Caucasus approach to legislation and business is vital to commercial success. Furthermore in contrast to many firms, MWP works with its clients to adopt an appropriate payment plan and is prepared to consider retainers, fixed fees, success-fees, bonuses or premiums, discounted billing arrangements, all of which can be agreed on a case by case basis to suit our client and their needs.

Our offices work as one body, thus, enabling MWP to deal with clients interests across the region: should a client have a potential complex multi-jurisdictional acquisition which requires due diligence throughout the region, we are able to handle such out of one office. This is also often the case where a client would like to register their trademarks throughout the region. This allows the client the ability to only have to instruct one law firm within the region as opposed to having to deal with multiple firms of lawyers.

We will also dedicate one of our senior lawyers to deal with the clients needs throughout the region enabling the client to have one point of contact. This allows us to keep our costs competitive and efficiently run our clients transactions. The majority of MWP's people are bi-lingual, and all are sensitive to and understand the business and cultural needs of the region and its various industry sectors. In Kazakhstan, with the increased use of the Kazakh language in business, our firm has Kazakh staff who are capable of speaking, writing and translating to and from the Kazakh language into Russian and/or English. In Azerbaijan, the Russian language is no longer used in official business, although still spoken widely. Our local lawyers and translators are all fluent in Azeri and English. 

MWP is a unique law firm for this unique situation. Not only do we have unparalleled experience in this region, but through our extensive network of contacts we can help you create the right partnerships to make your business plans a reality. Using our extensive information databases, we can help you locate projects that are right for you, and we can provide reassurance and assistance during the various stages from initial negotiations through to signing and successful implementation. 

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