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Michael Wilson & Partners, Ltd takes part in the work of KAZENERGY and KIOGE

Michael Wilson, Director, Michael Wilson & Partners, was speaking at the VII KazEnergy Forum & Exhibition in Astana, held in conjunction with the 20 KIOGE Conference & Exhibition/en in Almaty 1-4 October. Both events take pride in being the Autumn landmarks of Energy and Oil & Gas life in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Discussion on Development of the Energy Industry in a Time of New Integration Processes was on the Agenda of the first day of the Forum. In particular, the session emphasised issues of:

* The legal aspects of forming a single energy market
* Best strategies for international oil and gas companies;
* Kazakhstan and energy partnerships within the Common Economic Space of the Eurasian Economic Community: possibilities and prospects
* Regional partnership and its effects on stability in the energy market – EU model
* International political and economic unions around the world (EU, NAFTA): experience and lessons learned Michael Wilson, focused attention of the audience on the features of the Customs Union Agreement between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, there is also a Treaty on organisation, management, functioning and development of mutual markets of oil and oil products of 9 December 2010 effective as of 1 January 2012, which presumes consumer priority for the member states, environmental ensuring, unified market information ensuring, reciprocal use of oil main pipelines etc.
As to the best strategies for international oil and gas companies, Mr Wilson highlighted the:
- Price strategies
Oil and gas companies must control costs. They will continue to weigh the risks versus benefits of new projects, new products and how much capital to invest. Behind such decisions, there are regulatory, safety and environmental considerations.
- Environmental strategies
Companies in the energy, utilities and mining industries are on the front-line of climate change challenges. They need to navigate rapidly changing regulation and reporting regimes, markets and technologies that are still in evolution, fluctuating carbon prices and all the other risks that come from a transition to a low carbon economy and a warming planet.

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