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Another sixty Azeri State-owned assets are to be privatised

Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 894, dated 19 May 2016, the Republic of Azerbaijan has started the third stage of its privatisation process. By the Decree, the acceleration of the State property privatisation process has been defined as an important direction of the economic policy of the President and his Government.

In July 2016 the portal “” was launched. The portal includes all necessary information about the companies and assets to be privatised, their facilities, location, and even their initial cost.

According to the portal the following state objects will be auctioned in January 2017:

1) on 10 January 2017, thirteen small state institutions and objects among them the “Araz” Avtomotoservis Company, certain petrol stations, Anbars, repair and construction areas, auxiliary farms for agricultural production and processing of farm products, non-residential buildings and shops.

2) shares in 20 State-owned Joint Stock Companies among which are “Agsu Industrial Construction” Joint Stock Company, “Barda Reinforced Concrete” Joint Stock Company, Barda Chemical Joint Stock Company, Lankaran Furniture Joint Stock Company, Lankaran Grain Joint Stock Company.

3) on 17 January 2017, seven small state institutions and objects among which are the Govlar Garment Factory, non-residential building, shops and petrol stations.

4) shares in 20 state-owned Joint Stock Companies such as Azərmetalinvest Joint Stock Company, Barda Brick Joint Stock Company, Chatal Broyler Joint Stock Company, Ganja Industry construction Joint Stock Company, Goranboy Industry construction Joint Stock Company, Sabirabad Construction, Salyan Construction and Kurdamir Poultry.

5) on 24 January 2017, seventeen small state institutions and objects among which are the Shamkir Branch of the Chinar Refrigeratory Factory, Zagatala Silk Factory, cafes, shops and petrol stations.

6) shares in 20 State-owned Joint Stock Companies such as Agdash Poultry Joint Stock Company, Barda Construction Joint Stock Company, Baylagan Industrial Combinat, Bilasuvar Broyler Joint Stock Company, Goranboy AgrotechService Joint Stock Company, Gakh Grain Joint Stock Company, Saatli Broyler Joint Stock Company and Shamkir Bakery Joint Stock Company.

7) on 31 January 2017, shares in 20 state Joint Stock Companies such as Agjabedi Agrotechservice Joint Stock Company, Astara Tea Joint Stock Company, Lankaran Broyler, Masazir Poultry Joint Stock Company, “Mingachavir Gum-Chingil” Joint Stock Company operating production and sales construction materials, “Neftchala Meat” Joint Stock Company, and other.

It is reported that the most expensive objects that are to be sold at the auction are the Zagatala silk factory for a starting price of around US$317,000, and the Sumgayit shop for a starting price of around US$243,000.

The privatisation process is designed to attract both foreign and local investors, as well as to improve the business environment in and of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

For further information on the state property privatisation, please contact Aygun Abbasova at and/or Assel Kulisheva at

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